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U.S. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange, & SOCAN (Canada)
Internet Radio PRONETLicensing
Stations You can get your Internet Radio Station legal today!

Our license covers you and includes your music reporting and your royalty. SoundExchange extra see below.

Starting Jan 1, 2016
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PRONETLicensing provides licensing only. You must bring your own stream. Please confirm your Streaming Server is Shoutcast Version 1 or 2 or Icecast-KH (we do not presently support Icecast that is not Icecast-KH). For more information see our F.A.Q.

Monthly Total Listening Hours (TLH) and Monthly Expenses / Revenue will be added to price.

SoundExchange in 2016 requires a $500/yr nonrefundable payment that you pay, and each month your usage is deducted.

For a limited number of songs this might be enough for a year, but also might not be, which
you will be responsible for paying overages when that happens at a rate of $.0017 song performance feex#listenersx24hrsday.
Both these overages and your regular fee are based on this $.0017 song performance feex#listenersx24hrsdayxdaysinmonth.
Effective 01-27-2016 and 2017 we allow you to pay this $500 in two payments with one due when you sign up and the other in 30 days of your signup.
Contact us with any questions on this.

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